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Gary E. Kerr is a business lawyer with practical experience and knowledge of business law who can assist individuals forming new businesses as well as advising those who have been in business for many years. Mr. Kerr is a former president of a corporation that manufactured and sold products in the United States and Japan. The Law Office of Gary E. Kerr will provide important advice for clients starting a corporation, partnership or solo enterprise. We can help with critical decision-making for your new business plan or your current business.


Attorney Gary Kerr has represented all interests in the education community, including school districts, special education cooperatives, parents and students. As a lawyer, Gary Kerr provides representation in a variety of matters including administrative hearings, litigation, mediation, labor-employment and discrimination disputes, collective bargaining negotiations, contract-lease preparation and special education matters. Attorney Kerr has prepared legislation for an Illinois legislative commission as well as rules and regulations and policies for school districts, special education cooperatives, and state agencies.

Attorney Kerr conducts inservice programs for clients. He has presented seminars on education, employment law and trusts for the National Business Institute, Lorman Education Services and for conferences of state and national associations.

On educational matters, Attorney Kerr has served as insurance defense counsel for:

  • the National Union Fire Insurance company (professional liability)
  • the American International Group for the School Leaders Professional Liability Insurance Program
  • the Indiana Insurance Company (Liberty Mutual)


We advise seniors in estate planning, preparing wills, obtaining guardianship, and preparing a power of attorney for property and health. Gary Kerr is a lawyer with over thirty years of experience and frequently assists seniors in guardianship cases when the court appoints Mr. Kerr as the Guardian ad Litem for a disabled senior.


Adoption: As a lawyer, Gary Kerr has experience in helping families adopting children in Illinois and children who reside outside of Illinois. Attorney Kerr is especially aware of the emotional, legal and fiscal challenges for parents seeking to adopt a child. As a parent of an internationally adopted child, Mr. Kerr provides valuable counsel as both a parent and lawyer.

Guardianship: Many families need to secure a guardianship for a loved one who has become disabled.  In some circumstances a power of attorney for property and for health care may avoid the necessity of a court ordered guardianship. Attorney Kerr counsels families on the proper course of action appropriate to their needs.

Divorce: Anyone contemplating divorce needs the advice of a lawyer. In many circumstances a divorce need not be an extremely contentious. However, even an uncontested dissolution of a marriage has significant legal issues to be resolved. Attorney Kerr counsels and represents clients in uncontested cases with a focus on representing the client with a minimum of contention and expense.


Attorney Kerr prepares and reviews leases for residential and commercial property. We frequently counsel both landlords and tenants. As a lawyer and owner of commercial property, Attorney Gary Kerr to advise both landlords and tenants.


A probate attorney assists families in need of counseling on legal issues following the death of a loved one. Attorney Kerr will explain the options available to a families to enable them to access and distribute property. We will help the family accomplish the distribution of assets and satisfy legal obligations in the least expensive manner possible. Probate is not always necessary, but when it is, Mr. Kerr will prepare all documents necessary to expedite the distribution of assets and close the estate.


Buying or selling property involves significant financial and legal commitments. It is in the best interest of both buyers and sellers to seek legal advice from their respective lawyers prior to signing contracts to ensure that their interests are being protected. Attorney Kerr prepares contracts and other related documents necessary for the sale and purchase of real estate. Mr. Kerr has experience in both real estate transactions and litigation.


Obtaining social security disability benefits can be a daunting task for anyone. We have a history of success in securing benefits for many clients whose claims had previously been denied. Attorney Kerr will counsel clients in their applications for social security benefits and represent them in administrative hearings when their cases need to be appealed.


Wills and Estate Planning:

An estate planning attorney prepares plans to preserve one’s assets and to provide for one’s heirs.  Estate planning is important for people of all ages, whether it be a properly drafted will or a trust to protect/control a client’s assets after death, or a Special Needs Trust to ensure adequate care and services for a disabled family member. Attorney Gary Kerr has assisted many families in the preparation of such documents. We can prepare a power of attorney for property and health care so that you can designate someone to act on your behalf if you become disabled. Also, attorney Kerr can obtain a legal guardianship if a family member becomes disabled and is in need of a guardian.