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Springfield Divorce Law Attorney

Divorce legally ends a marriage, but the process need not always be one of extreme hostility between the partners. With counseling and the selection of an attorney, often a divorce can be accomplished in an uncontested manner. Properly drafted petitions and settlement agreements can provide a means to dissolving the marriage with a minimum of hostility and expense for all concerned.

When children are involved, often Joint Parenting Agreements can establish a means by which family relationships with the children can be maintained for the benefit of parents and children.

A Knowledgeable and Client Oriented Sangamon County Divorce Attorney

The Law Office of Gary E. Kerr Ltd. represents clients in uncontested divorces or legal separation cases by:

  • providing consultation on property rights, support obligations, and child custody
  • preparing petitions and settlement agreements for child custody and division of property and debts
  • preparing joint parenting agreements

As a divorce lawyer in uncontested divorces, Gary E. Kerr has represented clients addressing all areas of concern – property rights, debt obligations, child support, and child custody. Agreements prepared by Attorney Kerr are comprehensive. Properly drafted agreements reduce the necessity for clients to return to court for clarification.

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Our offices are located across from the Springfield Clinic with on-site parking available. We are housed in a beautifully restored Italianate building, circa 1865, one of the few remaining buildings from the era, in the historic Aristocracy Hill location. It is featured in the IHPA Illinois Historic Structures Survey.

For more information on divorces or legal separation or to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced divorce attorney, please contact us at 217-522-2244. Our office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. We also meet with clients on evenings and Saturdays by appointment.